Image of RB6.6 V2 REAR TOWER Image of RB6.6 V2 REAR TOWER Image of RB6.6 V2 REAR TOWER



JTP1004 RB6.6 V2 Rear Shock Tower : This new JTP Rear Tower has been in testing for the past few months and was used for the first time during the 2017 IFMAR Worlds in China. The V2 features new shock mounting positions, and a new wing position. Changes were made to perform better with the current lay down transmission setups and will give your RB6.6 more rear traction and better handling.

A good starting position for this V2 tower is to use the middle location, Kyosho medium shock end, and 28mm of shaft showing. That is mounted on the inside 3 hole side of the rear arm.

These shock towers are made in the USA from high quality 3K weave 4mm carbon fiber.

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International Shipping is 7-10 days via USPS First Class International